• "We are so grateful for Carol. She combined her medical knowledge, passion, empathy and experience to guide, handle, influence our situation. She had a laser sharp understanding of what seemed to be a very complex issue. We don't know what we would have done without her."

    Healthcare Advocacy Client

    Your message resonated for all and your natural transparency and commitment

    to health through personal attention, caring and leadership was truly inspiring."

    L.E. | Oracle Women’s Leadership (OWL)

    "It was such a pleasure to work with you and your presentation was absolutely fabulous!"

    Top Women Advisors Winner's Circle (Barrons Magazine)

    "Carol Scott gave us hope where there was only fear and despair. My husband received a terrible diagnosis. Upon learning of our troubles, she swung into action. She made contacts starting late at night when we first discussed our situation.


    She was able to get us in the next day with the best person in the field. She then stuck with us through bad, then better, then scary times, never letting go of my hand and getting us to the best specialists. Carol's knowledge, confidence and ability to "open doors" is unrivaled. She is a savior."

    Senior VP, Morgan Stanley

    "Carol presented a wealth of information in a captivating, high-energy, interactive format that really stimulated thinking and action on the important topic of managing stress. I walked away with more than a few tips and tricks, in addition to the facts that will stick with me well into the future."

    Director, Fortune 500 Company

    "Dr. Carol Scott is an outstanding coach. When I send Carol clients, I know they are in good hands. She looks at the whole person and gives advice that is both beneficial to the company and to her clients.


    She brings a very balanced perspective to wellness that takes advantage of her medical background and experience with people. Dr. Scott goes beyond helping her clients create a strategy for wellness; she helps her clients make sure that the strategy is implemented and achieves results."

    Marshall Goldsmith, PhD, Executive Coach and Author

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