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Purposeful Proactive Family Health

 Purposeful Proactive Family Health

You can make a choice today.


Sustainable fortified health and wellness doesn’t just happen.  Wellness is more than just a lack of disease, good blood pressure and a normal weight. Optimal health and wellness  is not just a matter of a robust health insurance policy, boutique medical care, well-credentialed providers or access to a prestigious medical  institution. You have to move beyond your comfort zone.


Health and wellness means something different to each family member.  There is no single path to a healthy, rich and fulfilled life that allows them to embrace each moment.  While each family member’s personal health philosophy should be respected and preserved, conversations around health are critical for family wellness. Fortified Family Health is a comprehensive approach to wellness management.
Over countless generations, your descendents laid the genetic foundation that sculpted you and your children. However, health legacies endow future generations with traits that are both good and bad. Hereditary diseases can be passed down through families for centuries. However, a proactive wellness management plan allows you to outperform your family’s health legacy.

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The core health and wellness is your family. Achieving wellness, prevention of illness, optimizing management of chronic disorders is a family matter. Fortified Family Health  is a construct and framework designed to strengthen the ability of a family to recognize the value of a unified vision and proactive strategy for health and wellness.  It captures the wisdom, insights and genetic predispositions of all generations within the family. The framework specifies the relationship between individual family members and a family unified vision of wellness. Each family member retains an individual view, but all are united in achieving a singular vision which provides a platform for growth, cohesion and sustainable family wealth.


As families grow larger and next generation family members become heads of their own households. Without preparation over time,  relationships naturally become more removed: The original group of siblings expands into a larger set of cousins, and with marriages, divorces, and children, communication and cohesion become increasingly challenging. Often family members ‘meet up’ at funerals and at the bedsides of loved ones in times of crisis.


Family meetings are one of the most important tools that families can use to perpetuate a healthy legacy and position next generations to successfully steward the family’s wealth.Holding family meetings with some regularity can help a family develop, grow, and prosper across time.” Family meetings have three main purposes: Supporting effective communication, providing a forum to make collaborative decisions, and educating heirs and other stakeholders about financial literacy, family leadership requirements and family health.


Successful families are more likely to have made a conscious decision to manage their health and wealth as a family unit, not in a top-down manner, which necessitated regular communication. Along the way, successful families find ways to incorporate family members’ divergent ideas around questions on health-related issues. They accomplished these things by meeting to talk and make decisions together.

 True health and wellness are a state of being, a way of life, daily choices: It’s a lifestyle. It’s a balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall experience of wellbeing. It comprises good nutrition, exercise and acknowledgement of your interdependence with the natural environment.


Through awareness and appreciation of your feelings and emotions, your ability and capacity to physically function, and an understanding of stress in your life, you can experience a continual growth in purpose, allowing you to foster good personal and social relationships.